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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kudligi Pincode / Post Office Search (BELLARY, Karnataka)

Alur Kudligi B.O 583218KudligiKarnataka
Amalapura B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Ambli B.O 583134KudligiKarnataka
Badeladuku B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Banvikal B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Bellighatta B.O 583130KudligiKarnataka
Chiratagundu B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Chowdapura B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Doopadahalli B.O 583134KudligiKarnataka
Geddalagatta B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Gudekota S.O 583130KudligiKarnataka
Gundumunugu B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Hansi B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Harakabhavi B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Harakanahalu B.O 583136KudligiKarnataka
Haralu B.O 583134KudligiKarnataka
Hosahalli S.O 583218KudligiKarnataka
Hudem B.O 583218KudligiKarnataka
Hulikere B.O 583218KudligiKarnataka
Hulikunta B.O 583130KudligiKarnataka
Huralihal B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Hyalya B.O 583134KudligiKarnataka
Imdapura B.O 583218KudligiKarnataka
K Ayyanahalli B.O 583134KudligiKarnataka
K Gajapura B.O 583134KudligiKarnataka
K.Rayapura B.O 583130KudligiKarnataka
Kadekola B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Kakkuppi B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Kalapura B.O 583136KudligiKarnataka
Kanamadugu B.O 583218KudligiKarnataka
Katriki Halli B.O 583218KudligiKarnataka
Kottur Bazar S.O 583134KudligiKarnataka
Kudligi S.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Kumati B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Kuppinakere B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Lokikere B.O 583218KudligiKarnataka
Mahadevapura B.O 583130KudligiKarnataka
Makanadaku B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Mangapura B.O 583136KudligiKarnataka
Meenakere B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Moraba B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Nagarakatte B.O 583136KudligiKarnataka
Nimbalgere B.O 583136KudligiKarnataka
Oojein S.O 583136KudligiKarnataka
Poojarahalli B.O 583218KudligiKarnataka
Ramadurga B.O 583130KudligiKarnataka
Rampura B.O 583134KudligiKarnataka
Shidigallu B.O 583130KudligiKarnataka
Shivapura B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka
Siddapura B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Srikanthapura B.O 583130KudligiKarnataka
Suladahalli B.O 583126KudligiKarnataka
Thimmalapura B.O 583134KudligiKarnataka
Thimmanahalli B.O 583130KudligiKarnataka
Toolahalli B.O 583136KudligiKarnataka
Uramma Temple B.O 583135KudligiKarnataka